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Started Dogs


Click Here To See Coal's 5 Generation Pedigree

LEFT PHOTO:  "Scarface" (East Harbor's Continuing Criminal Enterprise) was born in August 2018.  His sire is a 4xGMPR and SH, Dam is untitled but has several APLA hall of fame dogs in his pedigree.  In addition, Scarface's pedigree is littered with other titled dogs, which suggests that he is intelligent, trainable, and tractable - as we have seen so far.  Scarface will be available for purchase near the end of 2019 and price will be commensurate to his training level at that time.  Training should include obedience, collar and noise conditioning, force fetch, introduction to live birds and water (already started) Scarface already runs single marks out to 75 yards and water marks to 50 yards.
RIGHT PHOTO:  "Coal" (East Harbor's HIgh Caliber Diamond In The Rough), was born in June 2018.  His sire is a 4xGMPR, MH, Dam is a CPR.  Coal's pedigree is also full of heavily titled dogs, which also suggests that he as well is trainable and tractable, as we have seen so far.  Coal will not be available for purchase until after his second birthday in 2020 - he will be neutered at 18 months (has only one descended testicle), and we will have his hips and elbows x-rayed for OFFA evaluation.  Coal's training should include obedience, collar and noise conditioning, and force fetch.  He has already been started on live birds, and is running single marks out to 75 yards and water marks out to the same distance. 

Both dogs are EIC, CNM, PRA, and RD/OSD clear.  Both dogs will come with a transferrable, full AKC registration certificate, a copy of their pedigree, and a portfolio book that includes all documentation, including an inoculation and medical history.

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